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Christmas Cowboy Sublimation Transfer

Christmas Cowboy Sublimation Transfer

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For T-shirts:
*Preheat Press to 385°-400° - temperature may vary depending on your press.
It is good practice to use a heat gun to verify the temperature of your press.
*Lint Roll, Lint Roll, Lint Roll!!! (Do NOT skip this step)
*Pre-press your garment for 10 seconds to remove any moisture.
*Place blowout paper inside of your garment to prevent any transfer to the back of your shirt.
*Place design in desired location on your shirt and tape down with heat tape.
*Cover with blowout paper to protect the platen of your press.
*Press for 60 seconds at 385°-400° with medium pressure.
*Remove design immediately in a swift and quick motion to prevent any ghosting.

**Please keep in mind that all heat presses are different. The temperature and time that your heat press will require may vary from what is recommended above. It is best to always practice on a test item to ensure your time and temp are accurate. **

For other substrates, please refer to the directions provided by the manufacturer. Each substrate is different, and times and temp will vary.


**Sublimation DOES NOT work on cotton**

**The colors in the physical transfer may appear different than the colors on the screen. The colors on the transfer may appear lighter or darker than the listing. This is normal. Once the design is pressed onto a shirt or other substrate, the design will look similar to the image shown on the screen.

**Please note once the design is pressed onto the substrate, the colors may vary depending on the monitor settings. The colors in the design may differ from screen to screen. This is a result of various screen and monitor settings.

**Do Not reuse the printed transfer more than once. It only works one time.
**Do Not reuse the blowout paper as the ink may bleed onto the next item or onto your heat press.

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