Police Suicide Awareness High  Heat Screen Print Transfer

Police Suicide Awareness High Heat Screen Print Transfer

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RESERVE ENDS 3/12/2021 9:00 EST Ships 3/17/2021


SHC produces all items in house, but due to recent group request and then not following through with ordering we have set-up a reserve program. We require at least 30 being sold of each reserve design. If the 30 is not fulfilled we will cancel out the order and refund at the time of closure. We have to ensure that labor, material and time is not wasted on printing only 3-5 prints then washing out the screens. Setup will begin Saturday morning Printing will begin each Monday and Shipping will Start Wednesdays. Please do not mix Reserves with our RTS items unless you are willing to wait the full time length. 

You will need to select the quantity wanted at a discounted price before the Reserve ends. Once Reserve ends the price will go to full retail price. 

Size: 11x9 inches 

Ink Color: MULTI 

Our screens can be applied too many fabric types including 100% Cotton, Poly/ Cotton Blends and more.  

Helpful Hints and Pressing Instructions: 

Every Heat Press will vary from the heating element placements within the platen, how many heating elements it has. Digital Read Out on your machine can vary up to a 30 Degree Difference because of this We suggest purchasing a heat temp gun to check for the accuracy of your plate before pressing. 


This item is a High Heat Transfer: 

  • Preheat your press between 350-375 Degrees We suggest starting low the raising temp if needed. 
  • Set your pressure to the highest setting or 9 PSI
  • Once your platen heats up to 350-375 degrees prepress your item for 7-10 seconds to remove wrinkles and moisture. 
  • Place your transfer face down where the design is touching the fibers of the fabric
  • Make sure your item is centered and in the location you desire then tape into place to ensure no shifting or moving of the transfer.
  • Lower your clamp and press for 7-10 seconds
  • After time has been reached raise the press platen and peel the transfer while still hot. 
  • Additional Tips: No Teflon needs to be used when pressing screens. Pressing Pillows may need to be used if the item such as a once or toddler shirt has seems interfering with a level pressing field. If screen is not sticking repress for 2-3 Seconds.