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Mama Screen Print Transfer

Mama Screen Print Transfer

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This is a preorder item. Turn around processing time is 5-7 business days which excludes weekends and holidays. Pre-Order opens 12/14/23 at 6 PM EST and closes 12/17/23 at 9 PM EST Shipping begins 12/26 with all orders shipped by 1/1/2024 If you combine other items in with pre-order items your shipment will be held until all items can be shipped in one shipment. 

Adult Size Only Youth Sold Separately 

 Mockup : pink 

Size: 11 inches 

Ink Color: red 

Our screens can be applied too many fabric types including 100% Cotton, Poly/ Cotton Blends and more.  

Helpful Hints and Pressing Instructions: 

Every Heat Press will vary from the heating element placements within the platen, how many heating elements it has. Digital Read Out on your machine can vary up to a 30 Degree Difference because of this We suggest purchasing a heat temp gun to check for the accuracy of your plate before pressing. 


This item is a Regular Low Heat Transfer: 

  • Preheat your press between 325-335 Degrees
  • Set your pressure to Medium or 5-7 PSI
  • Once your platen heats up to 325-335 degrees prepress your item for 7-10 seconds to remove wrinkles and moisture. 
  • Place your transfer face down where the design is touching the fibers of the fabric
  • Make sure your item is centered and in the location you desire then tape into place to ensure no shifting or moving of the transfer.
  • Lower your clamp and press for 7-10 seconds
  • After time has been reached raise the press platen and peel the transfer while still hot. 
  • Additional Tips: No Teflon needs to be used when pressing screens. Pressing Pillows may need to be used if the item such as a once or toddler shirt has seems interfering with a level pressing field. If screen is not sticking repress for 2-3 Seconds.

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