New Changes

Please take at least 2 minutes to read . If you are reading on FB drop a emoji below once done so it can stay bumped for the next few days.
Sometimes you roll with the punches and the last few weeks has been nothing but punches left and right but after 17 years as owner let me tell you this girl gets back up 😉
To cut straight to the meat yes their is employees who have been let go for mismanagement and other issues. Not the end of SHC 💁🏼‍♀️
As some of you can tell Inventory counts is under way already. Inventory counts are also displayed on the website now as counts are done so please pay attention on runs. If it sells out it might be gone for good.
Inflation has hit this market and hard- we placed a large enough order to carry us through 18 months of printing but changes come with the tight structure now in place. I’m sure any small business owner can say boy seems tougher now than when the pandemic hit, inflation , hard to find inventory etc. because it is!
Single color screens will continue to be printed stocked and stored as normal. Since we do our own printing we save the screens we print off of so I can just pop on the press and quickly produce 1,000-3,000 more.
Full color screens will change!
We will print X amount when it’s out then it’s out unless the supply of demand shows us it’s a item to store on the shelves for a longer period of time and keep reproducing. If we see it’s a continuous please restock request then we will reprint another round.
With the cost of ink steeply increasing it doesn’t make sense to print 3,000 and only sell 400 and the rest sit until someone else comes along and the ink could have been used on other items.
TAT will show processing time of 3-5 business days on all items starting immediately. If it ships out in 1 day wonderful but please remember to give that buffer as we have now turned all our e-commerce sites wide open along with local printing for completed tees.
If Shopify has oversold you will be refunded at the time of the other items shipping out. There will be no reason for partials with the inventory being updated to 100% accuracy this week.
Lastly - customer service is on the website , click under the tab so all messages can come to me and other staff members. I will check it every night before I shut down the shop and of the team missed a message I will respond.
If you comment on Facebook it won’t be seen I generally have 300-400 notifications from various design groups , screen printing groups etc and can not catch all comment notifications.
The group was set up for new product announcements, request for items, help on where to find tees and tips and tricks. It is not a extension of customer service for the company as they are not on social media throughout the day and there is way to many employees here that if I turned them loose would be a 💩 show of just keeping up with comments instead of processing orders. They generally catch something the same time I do which is after close of business at the end of the day.
If you have any questions on the changes please be sure to email from the website and I will answer them this evening.
Off to cleanse the building from whatever kind of curse someone put on it 9 weeks ago cause this has been some bull 💩 recently !!!! And everyone within these walls right now is nodding there head as they read this last part.
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