Return/Refund/Shipping Policy and FAQS


    Orders Placed After 2 PM On Fridays will be counted as business Day 1 on Monday Morning. This includes orders placed on the weekends and Closure Dates. Orders that have a shipping label generated past cutoff time will be shipped the following business day. 
         Due to the nature of our products, we do not accept returns, exchanges, cancellations, or refunds. Please make sure your order is correct before submitting.
       In the event of a defective print, please contact us within 5 business days of receipt to discuss a resolution. If a problem with a transfer is determined to be defective, we will discuss a resolution of a refund or replacement of the defective transfer(s). The resolution decision will be at the discretion of our company. We will only reconcile the issue of the screen print, not any 3rd party items the screen print may have been pressed on, such as a shirt, bag etc.. We will not refund or replace due to user error or if the item was pressed with a hobby or craft press. Our prints are made for commercial purposes with a commercial press
    If package/screens are lost or damaged during shipping transit we will file a claim with the carrier if insurance is purchased at the time of checkout. 
    In the event of a missing or incorrect item, please contact us within 5 business days of receipt for a refund. We will not issue replacement shipments as this is outside of the federal trade commission's terms which states we must process a refund for any item that may be incorrect or missing.


    Please use the chat feature on the website, social media platforms are not a method of contact for our business. If you attempt to contact us through any chat feature you will be directed to use the customer service chat icon. We do not have a email or another method of contact. 
    Can I Use An Cricut Easy Press or HTVronet ? 
    We suggest you use a commercial heat press for even pressure and even heat distribution of heat to the entire transfer. 

    Black Friday Sale Information and Exclusions : 

    Southern Heritage Company SHC Transfers LLC list of terms and exclusions. 

    Some items may oversell due to traffic and volume during this peak sale. Any item that is oversold will be refunded back to the payment method used at checkout. we apologize if this is an inconvenience but Shopify does vary on inventory calculations being correct during peak traffic. 

    Any item purchased prior to the sale beginning will not be price matched nor will refunds be processed . The sale begins Wednesday 11/22/2023 at 8:30 PM EST and ends 11/24/2023 at 9:00 PM EST 

    Embroidery , Graphic Tees, Custom Transfers and Sublimation is excluded from the Black Friday sale . 


    Mockup Usage
    Yes , we encourage active customers who will be purchasing our items to use our mockups. We just ask you place your business watermark on the photo. 


    What if my order needs to be edited for add-ons or canceled? 

    We do not allow ADD ON/ EDITS on orders after July 1st, 2021 . 
    We do not cancel orders unless it is a duplicate order or flagged for fraud by our third party payment processors. 
    What if my order hasn't moved after shipping? 
    Please allow a full 48 Hours
    We know the Facilities are busy, you know the facilities are busy -  you can use for USPS generally packages move within 24 hours using this feature. for UPS generally there is movement within 12-24 hours 
    Processing times : 

    RTS Screen Prints : 0-1 Business Days

    DTF Prints 0-5 Business Days

    Sublimation Prints 0-3 Business Days

    Pre-Order Prints - 5-7 Business Days

    Custom Prints - 3-9 Business Days 

    Graphic Tees - 1-5 Business Days

    Embroidery: 3-9 Business Days